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Noiro cookstoves are changing lives

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Noiro Cookstoves that change lives Our Impact

Noiro cookstoves increase study time by nearly 60%.Most school-going children engage in rounds of trips to forests in search of firewood, often at the expense of their evening study time. Noiro adds 3-4 hours of productivity among the families that are engaged directly as employees or families that reliably use the cookstoves, shifting focus and time, usually spent searching for firewood, burning charcoal or staying idle

Financial Inclusion

Noiro employs women as distributors, producers and youth as artisans. Opportunities to produce income are created through their ability to work in a growing sector. Additional monthly wage of $38 is realized for low-wage workers in our counties Savings The cost of charcoal and wood that an average family uses amounts to $200 per year, for a family of four. With Noiro cookstoves, we cut these costs by half Health Just one cookstove eliminates the harmful exposure to kerosene particles for families . Many millions of Kenyans are spared the effect of inhaling indoor air pollution caused by these kerosene, charcoal and open fires. .

Mission & Vision


Our vision for Noiro is of Africa which is free from harsh environmental degradation, lung diseases and smoke free cooking in both urban and rural areas alike


It is our commitment to collaborate with local administrators, local community-based organizations, our referral systems and networks of mission-aligned investors to take our cookstove solutions to communities where access to clean energy is unattainable

Our Team