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Noiro cookstoves are changing lives

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Noiro Cookstoves that change lives Our Mission

Mission & Vision


Noiro - means No Smoke. Our cookstoves replace kerosene , charcoal stoves We have experienced enormous success. Whether you are a distributor, a shop owner, a Non-Profit, a government agency, or a corporation looking to make an impact in your community, Noiro is here to help. You can contact us on


Most rural households in Kenya use open fire, charcoal or paraffin to cook. Many families, especially school-going children suffer from lack of respiratory infections, as a result of inhaling smoke. The solution to this problem involves the design and distribution of clean cookstoves which reduces the emission of smoke by more than 80%

Protecting Trees

With the prevalent logging in Kenya, forests are constantly falling through the cracks of fuel-deficient communities which are constantly cutting trees for cooking, depleting the environment of resources and natural habitat for the already shrinking species of wild animals. Noiro cookstoves solve this problem by reducing the need for charcoal. The stoves are efficient, affordable and do not require constant replenishment of charcoal as compared to their traditional stoves

Women Empowerment

More than 90% of our team are women. We empower women by providing job opportunities for them, engaging rural households directly as sales representatives and as community mobilizers, By empowering women to become advocates at the household level, we realize an uptake of more than 70% and a radical shift in the consumption of charcoal among the communities we have reached.

Building Sustainable Communities

In line with the Sustainable development Goals, we are a testament to the importance of preserving the environment in which we exist. Our environment is a home to our current community and our future generation. With reduced smoke emission, Noiro plays a catalytic role in paving the path to full clean energy use, especially among underserved, uneducated low-income communities in Kenya

Who are we ?

Noiro has been designing and distributing affordable clean cookstoves since 2018. The cookstoves are made of recycled metal waste , and are reinforced with locally available clay soil to produce affordable, efficient and environment-friendly cookstoves. The iconic cookstoves achieve 80% more energy than the locally available cookstoves. .